A quick little horror game around 10min play time. There are multiple endings.

You are a burglar looking for your first house to hit. However there seems to be more to this house than meets the eye... Steal as much valuable as you can and don't get caught.

Use the arrow keys to move and enter key to interact. It is recommended to play with sound on.

Guaranteed no jumpscares.


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Weird game. I really enjoyed the premise of being a burglar in a creepy house burgling a murderer, but so many things make no sense. Why does pressing random buttons on the landline create a circle of light? Why would I fix this clock so it ticks? I got the first ending where I escaped with some valuables from the locked rooms, and I want to find the second but I got stuck unable to find the safe code.

The wardrobe photo, creepy painting, and random articles pinned to the wall all show a black rectangle on inspection, and the leathery mask shows a semi-transparent black rectangle. Is this just a bug on my end, or is anyone else having this issue? I imagine those are supposed to have graphics showing the things described and is somehow connected to how to get the safe code, but I'm not sure.

Yea those are suppose to be images. But it sounds like they are not loading on your screen. Weird.

Ah I think I fixed it :) You can try again now.